Our Services

Scientific software development for numerical modelling and simulations, optimization, HPC, and big data analysis using machine learning techniques.

Our Services

With a combined total of 35+ years of experience we’ve got all the skills to ensure the best possible services in the industry.

Optimization & High Performance Computing

EZNumeric can advise you on how to parallelize your algorithm/software and what hardware setup and parallelization techniques will be the most beneficial to achieve a significant speedup.

Realtime machine learning

Over the past few years, we have been developing a CAI-Server (Customized AI Server Software as a Service). The CAI-Server is a unique multi-component software platform that gathers streaming data, make sense out of the data to produce results that allow customers to make data-driven decisions.

Numerical Modelling & Simulations

Are you looking for ways how to model a physical process or simulate your data? Do you want to solve a differential equation or a system of those? Are you trying to speed up your algorithm? Look no further!

Big Data Solutions & Machine Learning

EZNumeric can help you to setup and execute a big data trial/proof of concept/feasibility study to solve your problem using your data.

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